3 Tips for Getting Photos Taken of your Kids

It is the time of year when family photos are really in demand which I LOVE because people are trying to soak in their family memories. Even though most of the time booking a photographer and picking out the outfits and location are very exciting it can be a little nerve racking too. What if the kids don't cooperate? What if they don't listen to someone they don't know and they ruin the experience? I hear you! So here are 3 tips from a photographers perspective that may help with that anxiety.

Tip 1: Let them wear something they are comfortable in.

I know you want everyone to match and look their very best and you can! When picking out clothes for your kids make sure that it is something they can move around in and be themselves in! The more comfortable they are, the more likely they are to smile and be happy. If you are worried about them messing up the nicest outfit they own the whole time it takes the fun out of the experience for all of you and we don't want that!


This is my favorite tip! When you let the kids run and do their thing you get the most genuine joy on their faces and you capture exactly what they are like during this time of their life! Not only does it get their personal expressions but it also gets out some of the pent up energy OUT! Of course if you are near water like I am most of the time, we do that last because it ends up in some wet kids. (Freebie tip, bring a spare set of clothes, even if it is just for the ride home!)

Tip 3: Be Patient (maybe the hardest of them all)

Sessions wont always start the way you want them too and they may not be cooperating like you want but don't lose hope in that situation. Sometimes kids need to warm up to the photographer (they are a stranger taking photos of them) and it may take a little time for some kids. I have had sessions where we didn't get anything until the last ten minutes and even though it could be a little frustrating, we still got some amazing shots! So don't be discouraged if your child isn't being a perfect photogenic angel, take a breath and don't worry. If your photographer knows what they are doing, you will still get some great shots no matter what!

I don't have children of my own yet but from my perspective these are some of the most useful and helpful tips while photographing kids! Kids used to be my biggest fear but now they are really the most fun!

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