Atwater Engagement

It is always a privilege to take photos of people in love but it is even more fun when it is for someone you grew up around and know! Rachel and I went to church together and were in the same small group for years until I got married and moved away. Rachel is enthusiastic and full of life and it is so amazing that she has found her person!

Rachel and Chris first met online and then again in the shoe department at Rachels work. They had their first date at Barnes and Noble and wanted to relive that date during their engagement shoot which I was totally game for!

They bonded over cooking, Rachel says there is an asian chicken dish that is their FAV! Day trips are a frequent pass time and they have a special connection over the cool fact that Chris works as an airplane mechanic at the same place Rachels dad used to work. After a year of dating they went to Washington DC to celebrate on the Spirit Washington DC lunch cruise and as they were getting a hostess to take a photo, Chris dropped on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him! Romantic right?! She obviously said yes and they are planning to tie the knot September 2020!

There is so much love between these two and I cannot wait for them to experience the joys of marriage and see where life takes them! Congratulations to you both and thank you for trusting me with such a special time of your lives!

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