Bahr Family

Nicole and Ben have been fantastic ever since I met them for the first time to shoot their maternity photos at the park where Ben proposed to Nicole. I instantly felt the love between the two and knew if they loved this baby even half as much as they loved each other they were going to be amazing parents. A month ago they finally had Elias James and are absolutely smitten. They didn't say so but you could definitely see it on their faces!

Elias was of course late but came quickly once he started. Nicole was joking that the nurses (jokingly... maybe) told her to not tell other moms how long it actually took for their sweet baby to get here because it was abnormally quick, but I am going to brag for her... 16 dang minutes and their boy was here! One can only dream right! He is a good sleeper for his grateful parents and overall a pretty good baby they say.

This little boy is so incredibly sweet, makes thee best faces and already gives a good ole side eye. Nicole and Ben are and will continue to be incredible parents and I cannot wait to watch this little boy grow up and I hope to continue to be a part of their story. Thank you both for trusting me with these memories and welcoming me into your beautiful home to capture them!

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