It has been a HOT minute!


Oh my goodness. It has been SUCH a long time since I have posted or even had the opportunity to share some recent work! Having a baby changes everything (duh) and then adding on a deployment for my husband has turned our world upside down. I never once thought about how hard it would be to keep working and single mom at the same time and I have to admit I am working less than I would like, but a couple weeks ago I had the biggest breathe of fresh air when I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family.

I have been conversing with Kelsey since before we had our baby Zeke and I had been looking forward to meeting her for a long time! They were visiting Topsail Island at their family beach home for her moms birthday and finally had the whole family together since Kelsey and her husbands wedding. To say I was honored to take these photos for them is an understatement

I had the best time laughing and talking with all of them as we captured priceless memories. Every session I get to do, I always walk away feeling like I have made a bunch of new friends and it is really the best part. I make you do embarrassing things and sometimes awkward feeling things but in the end I can guarantee you will have memories that will last forever!

Thank you Kelsey for trusting me with these special memories!

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