Making the most of the little moments

One of my favorite things about photography is that I get to meet amazing people and capture the precious moments that they most likely without even knowing it take advantage of! Life goes by so fast and so often the little things get looked over. I had a mom tell me how she wished she hadn't waited so long to book photos because her kids were starting to lose teeth and I had to stop her and remind her that THOSE are the things that you want to remember! The missing teeth and the bad hair cut that one summer are the things that you will look back at and just smile at.

I know social media tends to force us all to want to be perfect little families who have it all together but in reality we all know that isn't the case. I love taking formal family portraits but the real fun comes when you let the kids loose and I get to just capture them having fun and living their lives! I know we love to see clean and polished on our walls but I dream of having laughter and a well lived life on mine someday!

Moral of the story: don't wait until you have the perfect outfit, or until those two front teeth come in, and ladies this is a hard one but don't wait until you are your dream weight. Life is beautiful now and it is always a good time to capture some memories.

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