Mid Summer Fun

This summer has gone by SO FAST! Summers are for making some fun memories and this summer I must certainly have! I decided this summer to really dig into my business and kicked it off with some incredibly fun patriotic mini sessions.

To be completely honest, before I married my husband and hence started living this military life the 4th never really hit home. I knew what it meant but I never had a true understanding of the sacrifice it has taken to make this country and keep this country free.

Working with these clients and using the flag I gained a new respect and new view of the importance and I LOVED every second of these minis. We are such a blessed country and I feel so proud to be able to capture these special moments during such a special time.

I am proud to be an American and I am so proud of these images this month! Every day there is a reason to celebrate so lets keep the good times rolling!

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